Partners and Participants


The STEM Research and Modeling Network (SRMN) was founded through a unique partnership between the Business-Higher Education Forum (BHEF), Raytheon, and The Ohio State University (OSU).  Arizona State University has also become a national partner and has worked with BHEF, Raytheon, and OSU staff to shape the future of the SRMN. 

Partner Logos


The SRMN is managed by the STEM Modeling and Management Partnership, which consists of team members from BHEF, Raytheon, and OSU, and by its national partners.  In addition, the SRMN community includes a diverse array of individuals and organizations from K-12 education, higher education, business and industry, foundations, non-profits and government agencies.  The SRMN welcomes practitioners and administrators from all levels of the education spectrum, as well as researchers from a wide range of disciplinary fields and system modeling experts.

The STEM Research and Modeling Network bring these groups together to work toward a shared goal: improving STEM education.  It doing so, the SRMN provides:

  • researchers with opportunities to bring theory to practice
  • policymakers with a means to assess the potential impact of legislation
  • practitioners with guides to what may produce results, and
  • funders with a tool to better guide policy and programmatic interventions toward effective and successful education investments.